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The mould of shield lining segments

  • The subway segment moulds
The subway segment moulds

The subway segment moulds

Method of shield tunnel lining segment mould is designed for the production of shield lining segments, compared with other types of mould, design and manufacturing requirements are very high. Molding tunnel structure quality fit and unfit quality and the quality of the tunnel concrete lining segments are inseparable, the quality of the concrete lining segments to a great extent, depends on the quality of the steel mold.

The subway segment moulds characteristics:
Mould processing precision is high
Continuous production is not out of shape
Attached type vibration vibrating compaction
Embedded seals do not leak slurry

The segment mould size detection:

序号 项目 允许偏差mm 检验工具 检查数量
1 宽度 -0.2,0 内径千分尺 6点/个
2 弧、弦长 +0.4 样板、塞尺 2点/个,每点2次
3 内腔高度 +0.8,0 高度尺 4点/个